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My Journey

"Music lives in me"

I started playing violin and piano at the age of 8, but when I turned 11 y.o. I found at home a cassette of the album Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd..and that's when everything started for real. Since then I studied drums professionally with some of the best drums teachers in Italy and at the age of 18 I was already in several local rock and jazz bands, touring with Pop italian artists and becoming in couple of years a respected drummer. Drumming continued to be my love and profession for the following 20 years.

Meanwhile in 1999 during my first visit to London I stumbled across electronic music, sampling and Daft Punk... and that's when I created my first home studio back home and decided to invest most of my time composing, and learning production techniques and perfectioning guitar and bass playing. In 2000 I finished my first EP and soon after I got signed to Coconut Records/BMG in Germany. I was 22 years old and that's been my very first, formative experience with the music business!

In 2002 I decided to move on and move to London where I felt I could grow professionally, expand my network and establish myself in such an excing city. My intuition was right and after the usual bumpy start I managed to meet amazing artists, musicians, djs, producers and record labels that allowed me to travel the world and sit behind the drumkit in many prestigious stages as well as producing, recording, mixing, remixing and collaborating with artists such as Peter Gabriel, Beyonce, Level42, Britney Spears, Jocelyn Brown, Julian Hinton (Trevor Horn), Sandy Rivera (Kings of Tomorrow), Z Star, Slotwtrain, Morten Varano, Bobby Long  and many more.

After few year with Sony-UK remixing big Pop international artists, my passion for composition and production brought me closer to film-music and after adverts and promo bespoke music productions I signed the entire soundtrack for the film "We Are Monster" directed by Antony Petrou and nominated for the Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature Film as part of the official selection at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Since 2013 I focused my artistic career mainly on photography and video productions but after few years MUSIC came back in my life at full steam. In a very unexpected way she brought me back to my roots when I understood the power and the need of expressing myself in my original language so I started writing songs in italian. That's when my latest project "FREDDO" took shape. After 6 months of writing and researching and recording I just finished my very first singer-songwriter album in Italian which I am about to realease. I found my own "key" and a real porpouse in music again. I joined my experiences and techinical skills with my passion for storytelling and everything just came together naturally. I feel my music journey has finally landed on the right path and I now keep writing and composing songs efforthlessly with a complete new mission inside and a clear vision for the future.

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