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"Freddo is two people.

He is a man of the world living and working in London since 20 years as multi instrumentalist and music producer.. and also a man with strong roots that uses his own language (italian) to tell stories and universal meanings. Balancing on the fine line that divides these two identities, takes shape the profile of sensitive artist, a fine singer-songwriter that touches with strokes of words deep personal subjects and shared feelings."

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My first single "Umani" (Humans) released in May 2020 it's a true story, it's the way I lived and survived the strange period of the Lockdown. The song talks about me but is also my reflection over our fragile existence and dimention as human beings.

I wrote and produced the track in my room while isolating and I only used the few instruments I had available at the time. Everything started from the first phrase "quando scende la sera" (when the evening falls) and an open chord from an old Pink Floyd track.

We shoot the video during lockdown, we got stopped by the police but we explained.. Everything was absurd, such a surreal atmosphere all over London. The city changed and we all changed within: I will never forget the feelings of driving through desert Soho streets..

For the second single I decided to release the tension of the previous months and I chose the lightest track from the album: "La Tua Amica" (Your Girl Friend).

It really represents my other side, the funniest and most ironic part of my storytelling. The story talks about an attempt of threesome gone wrong, and I've used few carefully chosen references of old school italian songs and artists, most of which inspired me.

Is it a true story or is it a dream? Well..most of all it's a game.

The track is the last one I recorded for the Album and everything has been put together by me alone in a studio in Stoke Newington in London during a very hot night in June 2020.

The video has been one of the most funny and creative experiences so far, full of very talented people!


“DUE”, is my first album in italian, it’s a personal statement.

First of all the word “DUE” has a double meaning defining in english the urgency of this musical work but it also means “TWO” in Italian, to perfectly describe my personal dimention.

9 tracks, 9 photograps, 9 conversations made of memories, images and feelings. This album is a collection of unsaid words, unwritten letters, a round fly over the human dimention taking shape around universal, shared feelings in which you can reflect yourself and remain breathless.

The ALBUM will be release on digital platform during the end of 2020.

PREORDER the Vinyl

available in 300 copies  LIMITED EDITION*.

(*copies will be numbered, signed and you will receive mp3 files via email included with the vinyl. To buy just click on the image.)



Here is the first track of the forthcoming album and it gives the title to the LP itself:

"DUE (La Ballata dell'Emigrante).

The song is unreleased yet but I like to give out this "preview" because the song really represents my journey, my life, myself, and I hope these songs can travel far.

In the lyrics I start with a phone conversation I had million times with my mother while living far away and then I go on describing the dimention of someone like me who becomes two ("due" in italian) people after few years away from home.

It's my life but it's also the story of so many people who left their country and their roots to work or study or simply in search of something more..

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