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Fred Portelli is an Artistic Director based in London.

With more than 20 years experience in the Media, Entertainment and Art businesses, his expertises touch and interlace Music, Video and Photography languages and productions.

Fred's journey started in 1995 as musician and music producer, progressively collaborating with international names both live and in studio. 


After approaching the film industry as Music Composer for promotional videos, adverts and feature films, he got fascinated by the expanding DSLR Technology and since 2010 he developed his own videography language, writing, directing, shooting and editing short films and music videos.

Lucky enough to work as multi discipline creative consultant, Artistic Director and Project Manager

for established companies and clients in UK and Europe, in 2016 he also co-founded Subframe Media, a video production company and creative agency specialised in factual contents, branding and digital communication. 


Fred’s more intimate and deep artistic research is today focused on Photography.

Since 2013 he has built a strong portfolio with a selection of long term project based around Fine Art, Street Photography and his own narrative category called “Phototales”.

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