It’s a new ongoing project of Deep House and Electronic Music I started with my friend/producer Ste Mori. The project it’s based in Berlin and we are now working on our first EP realease.



This is the electronic project I’ve been wanting to do for years!
Sitting with DJ Olli Collins in a crammed studio in East London, full of vintage equipment and cats, we came up with 11 amazing tracks and lots of musical influences melted together. Our first original album is called ‘Aquaplane’, we are now shooting the first videos, and we have a few great producers involved to Remix some of the album tracks.
Still unsigned, the goal is to spread this music around, get it released, while constantly putting together the ideas and the sounds for the next album.



(music for unwritten movies)

This is a unique acoustic project that I’ve put together with my big friend, and amazing musician, Vezio Bacci. We used to live together in a crazy house in Wembley though funnily enough we waited other 4 years after I left that place to come up with something we both liked, something artistically fulfilling, something that expressed both our personalities… and reflected the actual sound of the ‘magic house’! We have met randomly during our spare time in the last few months, drunk good whiskey, walked with Alice in Wonderland, and recorded (very late at night) a vast amount of organic sounds, simple melodies, old-style tunes, trying to recreate the mediterranean atmospheres that run in our blood. We use old cheap guitars, a broken double-bass, and most of the cutlery from the kitchen. We are planning to perform this music live soon, and meanwhile we are grouping the music in little EPs for sale here.  We are also creating little videos to help the music travel the world. Parlour Cafe is real fun, and we like to believe that we are simply creating the soundtrack of an unwritten movie… who knows, maybe its the movie of our own lives?