I started playing drums when I was 12 and I worked to create my own sound following my biggest influences: Nick Mason, Art Blakey, Michael Shrieve, Marvin Smitty Smith, Alex Acuna, Bill Ward, Ronnie Tutt, and Stevie Jordan.

I use a 1961 ‘Blue Oyster’ vintage Ludwig drumkit (22″/13″/16″), and my Ludwig SUPRAPHONIC 14″x 4,5 SNARE: a pure gem! My cymbals sets vary depending on the style of music, and whether I’m playing live or in studio, however my ‘favourite’ set is: 15″ vintage Paiste HI HAT, 18″ Zildjan dark CRASH, 20″ Ufip “Experience Series” RIDE, and 20″ 1970’s Zanki CRASH/RIDE.

I also play congas and latin percussion: whilst I studied drums for years with two amazing teachers and musicians (MASSIMO CARLONI @ Muses/SuonoErgoSum Ascoli Piceno, and GIAMPIERO PRINA @ CDPM in Bergamo), I am self-taught in percussion, which I learnt on the beach during the summer-time back home.

What inspires my drumming are: the Pink Floyd albums ‘Animals’ and ‘Meddle’, the Beatles’ ‘Revolver’, Nirvana’s ‘In Utero’, Led Zeppelin’s ‘Phisical Graffiti’, Deep Purple’s “Fireball”, also Carlos Santana, Michel Camilo, Bill Evans, Stan Getz, Bob Marley, Sergio Leone, Dean Martin, Elvis Presley, girls in the crowd, memories of sunsets, and few of the amazing musicians I’ve played with.

Below some links to videos, albums and projects where I play drums, percussions and sometimes other instruments like electric guitar and bass.

Z Star

“Who Loves Lives” album – Official Page

“Masochists and Martyrs” album – Official Page

MTV LIVE in Palermo
Lost Highway
Rosemary’s Last Kiss

Slow Train

Trail of Dawn

Buddha Bar


Sexy Butchers

Fuck Myself
Hollow Sunday


Hardage feat. Dino
I’m Falling
Hardage feat. Jocelin Brown
Beautiful Day
Hardage feat. Peter Gabriel
Big Time

The Vipers



Three Black Eyes


Julian Hinton