There is no life without music.

Even when music can’t be created, it can still be heard all around. Ultimately inside of us all the music exists and takes place in the silence of our minds, reverberating around the walls of our souls.

I am a multi-instrumentalist, music producer composer and songwriter, I have played music since I was little, and I chose to do it for living because it’s the most natural thing to do: making music it’s for me an easy “job-non-job” which makes me feel alive.

My approach has always been a balanced relationship between a serious commitment and the free excitement of a spontaneous creation. Like the keys of a piano, music has ‘white’ and ‘black’ moments, and that’s another reason to choose it for life, as music is always an honest representation of the truth.

In my 20 years music career, I have been lucky enough to know, work and share creations with great artists, musicians and Djs from around the world. I first started playing violin and piano at 7yo, back in┬ámy little town in Italy, then at 12 I’ve been literally hit by a old Pink Floyd records, so I turned my attention to ROCK and consequently Drums and Percussions has been my main occupation since. From 1999 I integrated drumming with constant songwriting/production/remixing activities: I felt I wanted to express more with more languages, and I discovered a big passion in recording music, mixing music, creating “the magic” of sounds whether in my own stuff or helping others to make their ideas real.

I moved to London-UK in 2000, and here I gained most of the professional tools which allowed me to collaborate with and work for names such as Peter Gabriel, Beyonce, Mark King (Level 42), Britney Spears, Usher, DJ Sandy Rivera, Jocelyn Brown, Barbara Tucker, Jeanette Biedermann and many others. So far I’ve managed to remix some of the biggest names in Pop music, produce amazing bands and artists, play with fantastic musicians on stages around the world, compose soundtracks for films, and create few original projects that always remind me how beautiful music-making can be.